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* Vertical milling head be slided forward and backward
* Vertical milling head be swiveled + 90 vertically and 360 horizontal
* Adjustable knockout on worktable
* Manual dovetail quill feeds
* Dovetail guideways hardened and ground with rigid webbed castings
* Independent motors for end milling face milling sperately





 Max.drilling capacity



 Max.milling capacity (end/face)



 Swivel angle of headstock in vertical



 Spindle taper (end/face)



 Distance from spindle nose to table

 80 - 480mm

 Spindle travel


 Beam travel


 Step of spindle speed (end/face)


 Spindle speed (end/face) 50Hz


 Step of spindle auto-feeding(end/face)


 Range of spindle auto-feeding(end/face)

 0.12 0.18 0.25

Worktable size 


 Left and right travel of worktable



 Forward and backward travel of




 Vertical travel of worktable


 Max.Distance from spindie axis to column



 Main motor power(End/face)


 Cooling pump power


 Net weight



 Packing size

 1020กม1350กม1850mm  1220กม1350กม1850mm


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