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                      DM160V                                                  DM200V

* Variable spindle speed                                         Accessories Included
* Deep-feeding digital read-out                              -Drilling chuck with shank
* 2-speed gearbox                                                -Draw bar
* Deep-feeding digital read-out                              -T-nut
* 2-speed gearbox                                                -Wrenches
Available with an extending length                          -Allen key
working table at 180700mm                               -Fuse for replacement
                                                                            -Oil can





Max.Drilling capacity



 Max.End milling capacity



 Max.Face milling capacity



 Spindle speed (Variable)



 Spindle taper



 Spindle stroke



 Distance from spindle nose to table



 Working table size



 Left and right travel of worktable



 Forward and backward travel of worktable



 Vertical travel



 Head title



 T - Slot size



 Motor power



 Net weight



 Packing size (LWH)






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